About Us

North Texas Timing Solutions is a Fort Worth, Texas based professional timing group that can handle any level of event and involvement that you need. The group has decades of experience in track and field, cross country, and small road races. Our experience includes events from the middle school level to international IAAF track and field meets. We have experience in all facets of data and results management. When we time for you, you will enjoy the benefit of knowing that your meet will be handled professionally and efficiently from start to finish. We use nothing but the best equipment. For photofinish, we use finishlynx cameras capable of up to 3000 frames per second. We can set up two independent systems to help ensure that we will not miss a finish due to any single failure. We can set up multiple finish lines so your athletes can ejoy running with the wind, if you wish. For chip timing, we use chronotrack equipment with ground mats and/or side antennas. We can integrate the chip timing system with our photo finish system in both cross country AND track and field for bullet proof results. When it matters, contact nTx Timing!