North Texas Timing Solutions is based out of Fort Worth, Texas. The group has decades of experience in track and field, cross country, and small road races.

Complete Event Management: Let us manage your event from start to finish. We can handle the downloading of entries from any online entry system (, direct athletics, etc.), seeding, report generation, timing, results, and then back to the internet with your results. Let us do the work while you coach your athletes. Our timing services include two independent finishlynx systems (for track and field), multiple finish lines (for reverse finishes if you want), and up to two scoreboards with start lists, live running time, and live results. Your coaches, athletes, and spectators will be instantly up to date with results on the track. You never dreamed that hosting a track meet could be so easy!

Streaming Data: Live broadcasting your track meet? We can provide your production crew with start lists, running time, and results instantly for a professional live stream. Your viewers will enjoy instant data just like the live crowd does.

Consulting: Thinking about buying your own timing equipment, or have your own but are inexperienced at using it? Let us help you get it all going. From ordering, to initial setup, to actually sitting with you through a meet or two; we can provide you with the peace of mind that you can be successful in any situation!

Splits: Want more data for your distance athletes? We can provide you with F.A.T. splits for ALL distance kids in any multi-lap race. Ask about our live splits!

Field Lynx Field lynx is available for electronic field event results entry. There are multiple benefits of this. 1) You don't have to run results sheets back to the timing tent between each division. 2) Results can be posted live (throw by throw, jump by jump) if you wish. 3) Scoreboards (if available) can be placed near the field event to keep spectators in the action. Ask about field lynx!

Chip Timing: For cross country (and track & field as well) we can combine our chronotrack chip timing system with our finishlynx system to give you the absolute best of all worlds. You get the speed of a chip timing system, as well as all close finishes verified by finishlynx/identilynx cameras to ensure no errors have been made in placing. Ask about our chip and camera timing!

Facility Integration: Not only can we bring our own scoreboards, but if you have a jumbotron or other video board in your facility we can display start lists, running time, and results on it as well.

Track and Field: Complete event management, from downloading entries, seeding, report generation, results (from the track and the field) posted live to the internet, scoreboards to keep the fans in the action, and uploading results to your entry portal when the meet is over. We can handle live splits, heat changes, "heating at the line" (to ensure minimal open lanes), multiple divisions at once (should you wish to combine any events), and so much more. ABSOLUTELY ALL OF YOUR ATHLETES WILL GET AN F.A.T. TIME, REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY FINISH IN A RACE. We can also provide IAAF certified ultrasonic wind readings with any race (200 meters or less).

Cross Country: Complete event management, from downloading entries, report generation, live results (on our scoreboards and our website), and so much more. We can combine chip and camera timing to give you the ultimate experience. Want live splits at the 1600, 3200, etc? We can do that!